Deploying your SDDC in VMC

Deploying a Software Defined Data Center is the first step in making use of the VMware Cloud on AWS service. Let’s see how that’s done.

Deploy your first SDDC

Once you have received your login details, head off to https://vmc.vmware.com and logon.

Once logged in, you will be greeted by the below screen inviting you to create your first SDDC  (:

Let’s do it! Click on the create SDDC button

Choose the AWS region where you want your SDDC to be located at

Choose the number of hosts then press next to move on to the next screen

As I am using the hands on labs, the option to connect my SDDC to AWS is not availabe however this option is available with a fully fledge VMC account.

The last step is to choose a network subnet for you management devices (vCenter, ESXI, NSX etc..)

Click deploy and the system will start provisioning your SDDC.

Once the deployement is complete (it will take a while), you will be able to access the SDDC console by clicking on the SDDC name.

Access your vCenter

One change you will need to make before being able to access your vCenter is to add a rule to the firewall

I have added the equivalent of an any to any rule for the vCenter access for now.

I can now access the vCenter by clicking on open vCenter and using the credentials provided

That’s all there is to it. In the next blog post, we will take a tour of the VMC console.

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