We all know that EVC  applies a common CPU ID baseline for all the hosts within a cluster allowing therefore the hosts to present the same CPU features to the VMs. Traditionally EVC is set at the cluster level, with vSphere 6.7 we are now able to set  EVC at the vm level. With Per-VM EVC VMs can be migrated across clusters, vCenters, and data centers that have different procs making your workload truly portable! Useful for hybrid cloud, migration etc.

A couple of things to keep in mind

  • vSphere 6.7 is required.
  • VM hardware version must be vmx-14.
  • VM needs to be shutdown to configure per-VM EVC.
  • A clone of a per-VM EVC configured VM will retain it’s per-VM EVC configuration.
  • .With Per-VM EVC, the EVC mode becomes an attribute of the virtual machine. A power cycle does not affect the compatibility of the virtual machine with different processors.
  • When you configure EVC at the virtual machine level, the per-VM EVC mode overrides cluster-based EVC. If you do not configure per-VM EVC, when you power on the virtual machine, it inherits the EVC mode of its parent EVC cluster or host.

Per-VM EVC configuration

Per-VM EVC can only be configured using the H5 Client. Select your VM > Configure > VMware EVC

I hope this post is helpful. Thank you for reading.

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