Scale up with VMware on AWS

With VMware on AWS you can spin up 1-node/1-host Software-Defined Data Centers (SDDC’s).  This single host SDDC is a low-cost gateway to test the waters with VMware Cloud on AWS hybrid cloud solution and to check if the offering  meets the requirements for the various use cases.

Below is what you will get with the single host offering

  • One physical host with (2)18-core processors (36 cores, 72 hyper-threads), 512GB RAM, 10.7 raw NVMe
  • Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) with NSX, vSAN, and vSphere
  • Hybrid Cloud Extension (HCX)
  • Hybrid Linked Mode
  • Native Integration with AWS Services
  • Integrated Access to Developer Center and API Explorer
  • VMware Site Recovery (additional costs apply)

Please note that the one-node offering gives you a 30-day trial period after which it expires.

Once all the testing has been done and the decision is made to proceed, your SDDC can be easily be scaled up to 4 hosts seamlessly.

Scaling up

Log in to your service console https://vmc.vmware.com and click on your SDDC

Click on Scale UP

Please be aware that an AWS Account connection is required to proceed.

Select the SDDC size you need, then click ‘SCALE UP NOW’. Scaling up is not reversible, so make sure you are ready to expand before moving forward.

Once you click Scale up a message will be shown that scaling up is in progress

The process took 20 minutes for me, your mileage may vary. The hosts are now part of our cluster. Neat!

I hope this post was helpful. Thank you for reading.

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