Session: Lessons Learned from Real-World vSAN Operations

VMworld Barcelona 2018 was a blast! A lot of decent technologies, plenty of great announcements and great people to network with!

For those interested in the session that I co presented with my colleague Per, see the link below for the recording.

Lessons Learned from Real-World vSAN Operations [HCI1329BES]

vSAN enables low cost, high performing, policy-based storage for vSphere environments and is quickly becoming the first-choice storage solution for private and public cloud solutions. Due to its hyper-converged nature, vSAN differs in many ways from standard array-based storage and also impacts how vSphere is operated. There are considerations to take into account when designing and managing a vSAN cluster to maximize availability and performance, including what firmware and drivers to use, alarm thresholds, and process changes. Rackspace is using vSAN as the primary storage for its hosted private cloud solution and has extensive experience with its design and operational support.


Per Thorn VCDX 259,  Principal Architect , Rackspace –  perthorn.com  Twitter:  @per_torn 

Amine El Badaoui, Product Engineer , Rackspace – vsamurai.co.uk  Twitter: @Amine_ElBadaoui



Watch recording: https://videos.vmworld.com/global/2018/videoplayer/26585

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