Patching vRA 7.5

There are quite a few bugs that affects vRA 7.5 (full list here) so applying the HF4 patch is a must in my opinion. Below is the procedure to do so.

Start by taking a snapshot of your vRA appliance and the IaaS servers you have.

Download the patch from https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/60310

Make sure you meet the pre-reqs below before starting the install:

  • Remove old / obsolete nodes from the Distributed Deployment Information Table.
  • Ensure that VMware vCloud Automation Center Management Agent is the latest 7.5 version and is running on all IaaS cluster nodes.
  • Ensure you have at least 1024 MB free on ‘C:\’ for each IaaS node.
  • VMware vCloud Automation Center Management Agent service account requirements:
    • Ensure “Log on as a service account” is enabled.
    • Local Administrator
    • Required username format should be in down-level domain format: domain\username, e.g. “vra\administrator“.
  • On each vRA Virtual Appliance nodes, open the /etc/hosts file and locate the entry IPv4 loopback IP Address ( Ensure that the Fully Qualified Domain Name of the node is added immediately after and before localhost.
For example: FQDN_HOSTNAME_OF_NODE localhost
  • If your environment uses load balancers for high availability, disable traffic to secondary nodes and disable service monitoring until after installing or removing patches and all services are showing REGISTERED.

Now log on to your vRA appliance

Check your connection status

Check all services are registered

Now navigate to vRA > Patches > New Patch > Upload Patch

Upload your patch

Once the upload is complete, click install

Click Install

You can monitor progress of install by tailing /var/log/vmware/vcac/vcac-config.log 

Patch now installed, click done.

Once Install complete, check your connection status and that your services are registered.

Please Note: You will get instances where the install will just loop (I know I have). In that case use the alternative method that VMware has provided here.

I hope this post was helpful. Thank you for reading.

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