vRA VM Lifecycle Management

vRA is not just about spinning up new workload but it’s also a powerful tool to manage your VMs to avoid the dreaded VMs sprawl. In this post, we will go through the tools at our disposal to manage the lifecycle of our workloads.

Lease Management

A Machine lease provide access to a machine for a configured period, when a machine lease expires, the machine is powered off. When the archive period expires, the machine is destroyed. Please note: If a blueprint does not specify a lease period, machines are provisioned from that blueprint with no expiration date.

Let’s configure a lease on one of the blueprints available.

Navigate to the design tab, choose a blueprint, edit then click on the configure gear

As this is a lab, I am going to choose a minimum lease of one day, a maximum of three days and a archive setting of 3 days.

save you config and let’s request our blueprint from our catalog

Notice that we are able to choose a lease time of one or two days.

You can extend the lease at any time before it expires. A business group manager or support user can also change the expiration date for a machine after it is provisioned.

Below are our lease details

To change the lease on a deployed VM, select the vm then click actions, change lease

Reclamation Requests

If you identify an unused or underused resource you can ask the machine owner if the machine is still required. That’ where a reclamation request comes in.

Navigate to Administration > Reclamation > Reclamation Requests

Click on the VM that you would like to reclaim then click reclaim

New lease length: A  lease time is assigned to the machine. if the owner does not respond to the lease request, the machine is powered off an destroyed

Wait before forcing lease: This is the time within which the owner of a machine must respond to prevent the new lease from being applied.

Reason for request: Why are we trying to reclaim this machine.

The user will receive the below in their inbox and have to decide how they would like to do.

Destroying Machines

If it has been decided that the machine is no longer needed we can use vRA to destroy it.

Navigate to the Items tab > Select the machine > Click Actions > Select Destroy > Submit then OK

I hope this post was helpful. Thank you for reading.

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