NSX-T in Practice: Edge Nodes

Edge nodes main role is running network services that cannot be distributed to the hypervisors (NAT, DHCP etc), Edges also provide physical NICs to connect to the physical infrastructure. Similar to any compute node, Edges can connect to more than one transport zone – overlay and VLAN. One last thing to mention about Edge nodes is that they are available in two form factors: Bare metal and VM.

In this post, we will go through deploying and configuring a multi node cluster of Edges. 

Navigate to your fabric > Nodes > Edges > Add

I am going to choose a form factor of small as it’s a lab. Click Next

Enter your credentials for the CLI and root password, click next

Choose your compute manager, cluster and datastore. Click next

Choose your IP assignment and your interfaces then click finish. Your Edge should start deploying.

Once complete, the new Edge should show on the Edges menu

Let’s now configure our Edge as a transport node

I have added both transport zones


And used both my NVDS switches

My Edge is now ready to be consumed (:

I hope you enjoyed this post, Thank you for reading. 

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