NSX-T in Practice: Logical Switches

With NSX-T we can create logical switches to reproduce switching functionalities that are completely decoupled from the underlying hardware. VMs that are connected to the same logical switch use the same VNI to communicate with each other. 

In this post, we will create a logical switch, connect a couple of VMs to it and test the connectivity between them. 

Let’s first start by having a look at the configuration of our VNIs

NSX-T Manager > Profiles > Configuration 

Now we are going to create a logical switch called web-ls

Notice that our logical switch status is up.

Now, let’s switch to our vCenter and attach web01 and web02 to the web-ls logical switch

We can confirm that the two VMs are attached to the same LS by navigating to the Tools > Port Connection section of the NSX manager


Now its time to test whether the 2 VMs are able to communicate with each other or not. 

The VMs are able to communicate via the web-ls switch!

I hope this post was helpful. Thank you for reading.

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