NSX-T in Practice: Logical Switching – NSXCLI

In this post, we are going to have a look at our switching environment using the NSXCLI command.  Below is a logical view of our current setup, we will focus on the web logical switch.

Let’s log on to one of our ESXi host and run the NSXCLI command

In NSX-Manager > Switching we can see that VNI 27528 has been assigned to the Web-LS logical switch.

Type get logical-switch and tab,  we will see that we can work with our switches and our switch ports.

Typing get logical-switches will list all the logical switches that this host know about which includes our Web-LS  switch which we know has been assigned VNI 27528.

Let’s dig a bit deeper by specifying out VNI

To view the mac table of our switch .

The MAC addresses above should match the MAC addresses of web-01a and web-02a. The outer IPs relate to the IPs of our transport nodes.

Let’s check the logical switch ARP table. Note: The IPs in the table are the IPs of web-01a and web-02a.

How about the VTEP table? 

I have added a new vm on a different host to the Web-LS logical switch to check the impact on the VTEP table.  Notice the new IP and MAC that have been added.

In NSX-Manager confirm your LS ID 

If you the check the ports of our Web-LS logical switch we can see that there are couple of ports that are up. These ports refer to the VMs currently connected to it.

I hope this post was helpful. Thank you for reading.

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