NSX-T in Practice: Edge Clustering and ECMP

In this post, we are going to add some redundancy to our Edge by adding another one and we will also configure ECMP (Equal Cost Multi Pathing). Let’s go.

Edge Clustering

I have started by deploying another Edge 

Now let’s add it to our Edge cluster. Navigate to Edge Clusters > Edit > Add the newly added Edge

All Edges are now showing as part of the edge cluster

Now let’s connect our Tier 0 Router to our newly created Edge. Select the Tier 0 Router > Router Ports > Add 

That should take care of our Edge HA setup. Let’s move on to ECMP.

ECMP Configuration

I will start by adding an Active/Active Tier 0 Router

Then let’s add the relevant ports

First Uplink

Second Uplink

Configure BGP on your Tier 0 Router so it’s able to communicate upstream and enabled ECMP, click Save.

Add our neighbor router

Don’t forget to enable IPV4 Unicast. Click save.

Time to enable Route Redistribution 

Last thing to do is to to connect our Tier 1 router  to our Tier 0 router


We can see that we are able to ping from the outside

Both our Edges are showing as active.

Let’s shutdown one of our Edges which will send it to an unknown state

We are still able to ping! 

I hope this post was helpful. Thank you for reading.

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