NSX-T in Practice: Routing (North-South)

With NSX-V,  The DLR handled east/west traffic, and the ESG handled routing for north/south traffic and traffic for any enabled stateful services. With NSX-T, the north/south traffic is handled by the Service Router which is a centralized component of logical router.

DR and SR 

The DR component spans hypervisors whose VMs are connected to the logical router, as well as edge nodes the logical router is bound to. the DR is responsible for one-hop distributed routing between logical switches and/or logical routers connected to this logical router.

The SR component is responsible for delivering services that are not currently implemented in a distributed fashion, such as stateful NAT. Please note that  the SR only exists within the Edge nodes.


Below is what we will be playing with. The goal is allow external access to the Web, App and DB VMs.

Let’s first start by confirming that we currently unable to access the VMs from the jump-box. 

We are unable to reach the VMs. Let’s fix that!

Tier 0 Router creation and configuration

Navigate to Routing > Routers > Add 

Click Save

Ensure that your logical router is associated with an Edge Cluster.

Next we will  create a segment to connect our Tier 0 router to the outside world

Navigate to Switching >  Add 

We will choose the vlan transport zone

Click Save

Let’s now create a port to connect the logical router to our newly created Uplink-1 segment

Now let’s enable BGP. Our Local AS is 65001 

Add the neighboring router which has a remote AS of 65002 

Tier 1 Router configuration

Let’s start by connecting the Tier 1 router to the Edge cluster

Click Save

Now let’s  connect the Tier 1 router to the Tier 0 router

Next thing to do is to advertise the routes between the Tier 1 and Tier 0 router

Select Tier 1 logical router > Routing > Route Advertisement

Enable the service and advertise All NSX Connected Routes then save

One last thing to do is to verify that route redistribution is enabled on the Tier 0 router and the NSX Static is included in the source routes to be redistributed.

Select your Tier0 router > Routing > Route Redistribution 

We should now be set, let’s check if we can reach out the VMs from the outside

Boom! North/South traffic is flowing as intended.

I hope this post was helpful. Thank you for reading.

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